2022 Deity Birthday Premium Top-Tier【2022神诞辰顶级配套 】


13-in-1 Package  13合1配套。

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配套包含Item List
金上金 (1片)Kimzua (1pack)
满面旺财金 (2片)Enhance Luck KimZua ( 2 pack)
Supreme Gold
满面贵人招财金 (1片)Luck enhancing benefactors KimZua (1pack)
超级旺旺金 (6片)Gold Joss paper (6pack)
寿金(1片)Birthday Gold Paper (1 pack)
平安钱 (1张)Family Harmony paper (1 pcs)
招财进宝 (1张)Fortune Paper (1 pcs)
大贵人 (5张)Great Benefactors Paper(5pcs)
烫金金贵人 (5份)Gold Benefactors Paper(5 pcs)
神锭 (5张)Good Luck Gold paper (5 pcs)
加大龙衣 (1张)Extra LargeDragon Robe(1pcs)
发财旺来酥油烛-1天 (1对)HuatCai Pineapple Candle - 1 day (1 pair)
36cm 小龙香 (1套)36cm small dragon incense (1set)

每当神诞时,信徒都会买比较多的拜料到庙里或家里跟神明祝寿。我们的2022神诞辰顶级配套包含了13样不同的金纸,贵人纸,加大龙衣,发财旺来酥油烛和小龙香。让您拜拜时和祈福后面子运气都十足,生意,事业,学业 多能步步高升,旺旺生财。



2022 Deity Birthday Premium Top-Tier contains 13 items in a set, including gold joss paper, benefactors paper, x-large dragon robe, 1 day huatcai pineapple candle and small dragon incense.

The package contains golden benefactors papers to increase the chance of meeting a good person who will help you with your luck. The Wang Cai and Yuan Bao gold paper improves your positive energy luck and bring about better luck in business, career and overall luck.


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