2022 God of Fortune Basic Package 【2022年接财神普通配套】



1 Box / 1盒

Items List

配套包含Item List
财神相 (1张)
God of Fortune Portrait (1 pcs)
旺财金 (1片)Enhance Luck KimZua ( 1 packs)
贵人招财金 (1片)Luck enhancing benefactors KimZua (1packs)
元宝金 (1片)Golden Ingots Kimzua (1packs)
金上金 (1片)Supreme Gold Kimzua (1packs)
平安金 (1张)Good Luck Gold paper (1 pcs)
大贵人 (1张)Great Benefactors Paper(1pcs)
金贵人 (1份)Gold Benefactors Paper(1 pcs)
甲贵人 (1份)Improve Fortune Benefactors Paper(1pcs)
招财进宝 (1份)Luck Invitation Paper(1pcs)

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每年的春节家家户户都想要接财神,希望财神爷把一整年的好财运带到家里来。但是有很多朋友们不清楚怎么准备和需要什么接财神的纸料。我们的老板娘,小禛为了可以帮到我们的客户能更容易的准备接财神的材料,推出了2022 壬寅年接财神配套。

您只要准备以下的材料 –

  • 发财金纸2022年普通接财神配套
  • 五果
  • 鲜花
  • 发糕、年糕,黄梨饼等【数量为单数】
  • 茶酒,
  • 五斋品
  • 发菜
  • 蜡烛
  • 龙香
  • 普通香【给家人用】
  • 香炉

2022壬寅年,接财神的方位和最佳时辰为 –

日期:农历正月初一 【阳历:2月1日】



子时【阳历1月31日晚上 11点~2月1日凌晨1点】天乙贵人

 丑时 【凌晨1点~3点】

寅时 【凌晨3点~5点】

 辰时 【早上7点~9点】

Inviting God of Fortune

Everyday during the lunar new years, many families like to setup altar to invite the God of Fortune into their home. Over the years, we are asked by my customer about the type of joss paper and items needed. For 2022, we decided to prepare a package for our customers.

To invite God of Fortune, all you need to get is the following items –

  • HuatCaiKimZua 2022 God of Fortune Basic Package
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh flowers
  • Huat Kueh , pineapple tart, New Year Cake(nian gou)
  • Tea and Rice Wine
  • 5 bowls of dried vegetable
  • Fa Chai
  • Candles
  • Dragon Incense
  • Additional incense for your family
  • Incense Urn

In 2022, the best timing and direction to invite God of Fortune is as follow –

Date: First day of Lunar New Year (01 Feb 2022)

Direction: SouthEast


Rat Hours: 11pm(31 Jan 2022) ~ 1am(01 Feb 2022)

Ox Hours 1am ~ 3 am

Tiger Hours 3am ~ 5am

Dragon Hours 7am ~ 9am

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