2022 Luck Enhancing Package – Individual【2022年开年补运拜料】



1 Box / 1盒

Items List

配套包含Item List
旺财金 (1片)Enhance Luck KimZua ( 1 pack)
贵人招财金 (1片)Luck enhancing benefactors KimZua (1pack)
元宝金 (1片)Golden Ingots Kimzua (1pack)
金上金 (1片)Supreme Gold Kimzua (1pack)
神锭 (1张)Good Luck Gold paper (1 pcs)
大贵人 (1张)Great Benefactors Paper(1pcs)
金贵人 (1份)Gold Benefactors Paper(1 pcs)
甲贵人 (1份)Improve Fortune Benefactors Paper(1pcs)
招财进宝 (1份)Luck Invitation Paper(1pcs)
发财酥油旺来烛 (1对)HuatCai Pineapple Candle (1box)
小龙香-32cm (3柱)Small dragon Incense (1 set)
祈福疏文(一张)Prayer Letter (1 pcs)

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  1. 祈福疏文 – 填写姓名,生辰八字,地址和拜拜当天的日期。
  2. 金贵人符 – 填写姓名,生辰八字和拜拜当天的日期

2022 Luck Enhancing Package – Individual

Every year during the Chinese New Year first 15 days, many believers will pray at home or at the temple. Believers will pray for good fortune for the whole year. Many believers will also burn luck enhancing joss paper to enhance their luck.