7th Month Deluxe Plus Package 中元节精装特惠配套 2


Packing Items

  • 老文成金纸 (6条)
  • 老文成銀纸(6条)
  • 白孤衣(2把)
  • 色紙(2支)
  • 尺头(2支)
  • 衣仔(1支)
  • 经衣(2支)
  • 库钱 (1包)
  • 小金条(5盒)
  • 小银条(5盒)
  • 大块金 (1盒)
  • 大块银(1盒)
  • 神魂执照/幽乐(10只)
  • 溪钱(5支)
  • 往生钱(2包)
  • 小吉花钱(3片)
  • 10亿钞票(30只)
  • 1百亿钞票(10只)
  • 洋币(3盒)
  • 蜡烛(2包)
  • 红甘露烛(1对)
  • 3号旗(2束)
  • 40cm小龙香(1套)
  • 香炉+香灰 (1套)
  • 次茶杯(6个)
  • 白米酒-小(1支)
  • 红脚香(1包)
  • 敬神糖 (1包)
  • 敬神茶(1包)
  • 花饼 (1包)


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This year hungry ghost month starts on 08 August 2021. Many chinese businesses will pray during this month to appease the wandering souls.  By doing so, businesses and home pray for the safety and well-being of everyone. Small business usually uses more joss paper as compared to home users.

This joss paper package is specially packed for small businesses and home .

Photo are for illustration only. Please refer to the items list

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