Business Heng Ong Huat Package 【生意兴旺发】


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标准庄 / Standard1套金纸


  • 金上金 – 3片

  • 满面旺财金- 3片

  • 金贵人符- 5张

  • 大贵人- 3张

  • 神锭 - 3张

Standard Package

Each Pack consist of -

  • Jin Shang Jin (3 pieces )

  • Wang Cai Gold (3 pieces )

  • Jin Gui Ren Fu (5 pieces)

  • Da Gui Ren (3 pieces)

  • Shen Ding (3 piece)


  • 大伯公/福德正神
  • 九天玄女
  • 三太子/中坛元帅/哪吒
  • 关帝爷
  • 齐天大圣




Business Heng Ong Huat Package is suitable for business owners and self employed person to pray to heavenly deity. This package is specially packed on advice of our expert. Deity example-

  • Tua Pek Gong / Fu De Zhen Shen
  • Jiu Tian Xuan Nv
  • San Tai Zhi
  • Guan Gong
  • Ji Tian Da Sheng

The above list only contains some of the common deities.

The package contains golden benefactors papers to increase the chance of meeting a good person who will help you with your luck. The Jin Shang Jin gold paper improves your positive energy luck and bring about better luck in business, career and overall luck.


Photo is for illustration purposes only

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