Dua Dee Yeh Pek’s Birthday Praying Package 【大二爷伯千秋拜料】


Packing Size


1 Set

Measurement :



1 套

1 Sets


  1. Without 2 hours incense (不包含2小时香)
  2. With 2 hours incense(2小时香)

Delivery Method:

Home Delivery 送货上门

Important notes:

If you choose self collection, please contact us before you make payment.

Collection location: Ang Mo Kio / Sengkang

Lead Time: 1 working day

Timing: After 8pm

Please note that picture is for illustration only, actual product may vary. We may replace the item with similar items of same or higher value.

Advance Order / Back-order 【预购】


This package needs to be made on an advance order basis.



  • 大二爷伯袍(1套)
  • 阿伯金和银 (4叠)
  • 五色开路钱(1叠)
  • 白钱(5片)
  • 吉花钱(1叠)

This package is suitable for praying to Dua Dee Yeh Pek during their birthday. Please do not use this package to pray to heavenly god.

  • Dua Dee Yeh Pek’s Robe (1set)
  • Ah Pek Gold & Silver ( 4 pack)
  • 5 Colour Kai Lu Qian (1 stack)
  • Bai Qian(5 piece)
  • Hell bank note (1 stack)
Photo is for illustration purposes only

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