Enhancing Wealth Vault Package 【补财库配套】


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配套包含Item List
平安金 (1片)Gold KimZua ( 1 pack)
财库金 (2片)Enhance Wealth Vault Kimzua (2pack)
旺财金 (2片)Enhance Wealth Kimzua (2pack)
满面招贵人金 (1片)Premium Benefactors Invitation Kimzua (1pack)
大贵人(1张)Great Benefactors Paper(1pcs)
金贵人 (3张)Gold Benefactors Paper(3pcs)
神锭 (1张)Good Luck Gold paper (1 pcs)
招财进宝(1份)Wealth Invitation paper (1set)


方法 –

  1. 先把补财库配套放在供桌,点香拜庙里的神
  2. 再点三柱香向福德正神祈求。 祈求建议-
    • 弟子/信女 XXX, 生于XX年XX月XX日XX时,住在 (您的地址)祈求福德正神替弟子/信女补财库。稳固弟子/信女的财库,财库能守财。
  3. 最后把补财库的金纸拿去烧。



Enhancing Wealth Vault Package is suitable for anyone who wish to enhance their wealth vault. This is especially suitable for anyone who always end up spending more than what they earn.


Photo is for illustration purposes only

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