Kong Fu Zi /Kong Zi’s Birthday Prayer Set【孔夫子圣诞拜料】


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孔夫子圣诞(农历八月廿七 )的拜料里已经准备好了一些最标准需要用到的拜料。配套里还贴心的加入了铅笔和笔,让你拜拜祈福孩子的学业有成后可以带回家给孩子读书用。

  • 风生水起金 (3叠)
  • 金贵人(5张)
  • 甲贵人/补运钱(1份)
  • 有求必应(1份)
  • 龙衣(1件)
  • 铅笔和笔(个1支)

Kong Fu Zi /Kong Zi Birthday(Lunar 27th Day of the 8th Month)’s Prayer Set includes the most commonly use kimzua. The package also included a well known brand exam grade pencil and pen, for you to bring home for your child to use.

  • Feng Sheng Shui Qi gold paper (3 Stack)
  • Jin Gui Ren (5 Pieces)
  • Bu Yun Qian (1 Pieces)
  • You Qiu Bi Ying (1 Stack)
  • Dragon robe (1 Piece)
  • Exam Grade Pencil (1 piece)
  • Pen(1 piece)
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