Mini BlackGold (迷你黑金)


Item Measurement :

14cm x 14cm x 19cm


Black Gold is one of the most wanted 7th lucky ornament. It is placed in a high position within office or home to signific wealth. During 7th month Pudu auction (普渡喊标), black gold ornaments are most sort after.




Item Measurement :

14cm x 14cm x 19cm


1 piece (1个)

Delivery Method:

Home Delivery 送货上门

Important notes:

  • Only Paynow / Paylah payment for cart with this item during sales period
  • Please note that picture is for illustration only, actual product may vary. We may replace the item with similar items of same or higher value.
  • We will not be responsible for damage during shipment if a 3rd party courier service provider is selected.

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