Premium Ancestors Treasure Box【豪华祖先财宝库箱 】


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祖先财宝库箱里装有满满的金银财宝和库钱。这能给您的历代祖先来还一些累世的阴债。箱内有高质量的916古力金和银,库钱和钞票。残品内容请看【Specificition/Item List】

Ancestors Treasure box contains important Joss paper for ancestors to repay some of the debts one may have accumulate over their lifetime in both underworld and earthly world.

Specification / Items List

Included Items:

  • 916 古力金 x 18仟
  • 916古力银 x 18仟
  • 甘库钱 x 10片
  • 玉扣库钱 x 2 包
  • 五千万钞票 x 10支
  • 2.5吉花钱 x 10片


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