Premium Five Ghost Praying Package 【祭祀五鬼配套】



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配套包含Item List
Gold Joss Paper (5 small bundle)
银纸(5叠/千) Silver Joss Paper (5 small bundle)
溪钱 (1叠)Xi Qian (1packs)
五色溪钱 (1叠)Five Colour Xi Qian (1packs)
白钱 (1叠)Bai Qian (1packs)
洋银 (5金、5银)Coins (5pcs Gold / 5pcs Silver)
天然香 【品牌:蔡合榮】 (5柱)Natural incense 【By Chua Hup Eng】(5 sticks)




2022 年,那个生肖建议祭祀五鬼?



2022年的立春(阳历2022年2月4日 凌晨4点42分)后就可以祭祀了。您可以买我们的祭祀五鬼配套带到各大庙宇【却记:佛堂一般不供奉】去祭祀五鬼。


Why Pray Five Ghost?

According to some folk religion, the  five ghosts are able to help you in your money luck and luck which is associated to the yin side. When one’s offended the five ghosts or the yearly zodiac sit on the five ghosts star, one’s wealth luck will be affected and generally luck will be down too.

2022 which zodiac sits on five ghosts star?

In 2022, zodiac horse sits on the five ghosts star. Therefore it is recommended for those whose zodiac horse to pray to five ghost.

When and Where to pray?

After LiChun(4th Feb 2022, 04:42am). Many major temples have 5 ghosts. You may purchase our Premium Five Ghost Praying Package and bring it to the temple.

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