PrePacked Chestbox – Yi Xiang【衣箱】


Packing Items

  1. 衣箱【有料】
    • 衣 x 4件 (设计不可选择)
    • 鞋 x 1雙 (设计不可选择)
    • 梳洗用品  件(设计不可选择)
    • 其他日用品和电器  (设计不可选择)
    • 金银纸

Items Included

  1. PrePacked ChestBox
    • Clothes (random design, cannot be chosen) x 4 pcs
    • Shoes (random design, cannot be chosen) x 1 pair
    • Paper made toiletries (random design. Cannot be chosen)
    • Other Paper made product (random design. Cannot be chosen)
    • Gold & silver paper

Measurement :



1 box

Delivery Method:

Home Delivery 送货上门

Important notes:

If you require us to write the seal slip for you, please remember to fill it up below.  Please write in Chinese, not Han Yu Pin Yin . Date will not be written.

We will copy exactly what you written in the fields.

如果您要我们帮您写封条,请在选项里写下阴府和阳居.谢谢. 日期请您拜拜那天自己写.

Please note that picture is for illustration only, actual product may vary. We may replace the item with similar items of same or higher value.


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Yi xiang is a box that contains clothing, shoes and other daily necessity used in ancestor prayer during Qing Ming and other ancestors ceremony.

Our PrePacked Chestbox is only packed when there is an order, this ensure the quality joss paper within the box.

Important Notes

We do not keep ready stock for this items.

*Delivery within Singapore(except offshore island and restricted places). 

Photo is for illustration purposes only


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