Shopping Bag Baofu – Small(购物袋包袱-小装)


Packing Items

  1. 小购物袋包袱【有料】 (男/女)
    • 衣 x 1件 (设计不可选择)
    • 鞋 x 1雙 (设计不可选择)
    • 古力金
    • 古力银
    • 小金条 x 2盒
    • 往生钱 x 1叠
    • 吉花钱 x 1叠

Small Shopping Bag Baofu

      • Clothes (random design, cannot be chosen) x 1 pcs
      • Shoes (random design, cannot be chosen) x 1 pair
      • Gold Paper
      • Silver Paper
      • Small Gold Bar x 2 box
      • Wang Sheng Qian x 1 small stack
      • Hell Bank Notes x 1 small stack

Measurement :



1 set

Delivery Method:

Item Not Suitable for POPStation self collection.

Important notes:

If you require us to write the seal slip for you, please remember to fill it up below.  Please write in Chinese, not Han Yu Pin Yin . Date will not be written.

We will copy exactly what you written in the fields.

如果您要我们帮您写封条,请在选项里写下阴府和阳居.谢谢. 日期请您拜拜那天自己写.


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Shopping bag baofu is a newer version of baofu, the guli gold and silver is hand folded.  This product is use for praying to ancestors, and usually used during QingMing jie.

Important Notes

*Delivery within Singapore(except offshore island and restricted places). 

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Additional information


Shopping Bag Only (购物袋包袱), Add Small bundle of incense & a pair of candle (加小把香和一对燭)