Simple Teochew Ancestor Praying Package-10sets 【简单潮州祭祀祖先拜料-10份庄】


Packing Size


10 Set

Measurement :

古力金/银 – 20.5cm x 15.5cm

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Home Delivery 送货上门

Important notes:

Please note that picture is for illustration only, actual product may vary. We may replace the item with similar items of same or higher value.

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  • 高级古力金 (1千)
  • 高级古力银 (1千)
  • 往生钱 (1叠)


Simple Teochew Ancestor Praying Package is a pre-packed joss paper used by Teochew to pray ancestors. Every 1st and 15th of the lunar month, just need to use 1 set.

  • Premium Ancestor Gold Paper (1 pack)
  • Premium Ancestor Silver Paper (1 pack)
  • Wang Sheng Qian (1stack)


Photo is for illustration purposes only

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