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配套包含Item List
手工金元宝 (28块)Hand folded Gold Ingots (28pcs )
满面旺财金 (1片)Enhance Luck KimZua ( 1 pack)
Supreme Gold
满面伯公金 (1片)Tua Pek Kong KimZua (1pack)
大贵人 (1张)Great Benefactors Paper(1pcs)
烫金金贵人 (1份)Gold Benefactors Paper(1 pcs)
神锭 (1张)Good Luck Gold paper (1 pcs)
发财旺来酥油烛-1天 (1对)HuatCai Pineapple Candle - 1 day (1 pair)
包发糕 (1个)Bao+Huatkueh( 1pcs)
橙 (5粒)Orange (5 Pieces)

想要祈求大伯公帮忙您的正财运【事业/生意运】还是偏财运的信徒们,您知道要如何拜大伯公来求财运吗?我们精心为了您推出了大伯公旺财配套。金元宝是有我们手工折的。一条龙服务 – 金纸,旺财酥油烛,糕点和水果都为您准备好。贵人符也能帮您填写好。您只需要把这个配套献上给大伯公;向大伯公用个真诚的心祈求。

For devotee who wants to pray Tua Pek Kong for his blessing in career luck or wealth luck, we put together a package which include joss paper, bao-huatkueh(Sure Huat), wealth candles. We can help you to fill up the Benefactor if you want us to help you with it.

All you need to do is to bring the whole package and pray to Tua Pek Gong and wish for wealth luck.