Zhong Yuan Jie Por Toh( Hungry Ghost Festival)

In many Chinese society, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, Zhong Yuan Jie (Hungry Ghost Festival) Por Toh (普度)is one of many important festivals. This festival falls on the 15th day of seventh month on the lunar calendar, the Chinese observe it for the whole of 7th month. The Taoist and the Buddhist has a slightly different view on Zhong Yuan Jie.

The Taoist believes in appeasing the wondering spirits whom are released from netherworld once a year, whereas Buddhist align the Zhong Yuan Jie to filial piety. Even with this distinct differences, Chinese does generally observe similar practices. 

Altar can be seen at open space of some housing blocks or shophouses. Some of these altars are set up for the whole of the 7th month, some are set up on the day of praying.

Altar that is set up during por toh are only setup during the praying. Por Toh are usually organised within the community, businesses in the precinct or family and friends.

During por toh, food offering such as roast chicken, duck and even suckling pig, together with packets of rice, sauces and canned foods are placed on the table.









Some biscuits with sugar topping, sweet and drinks are placed below the table. These offering are meant for the children wondering souls.

The items used in small scale por toh

  • Joss stick
  • Candles
  • 3 cups of prayer tea
  • 3 cups of rice wine
  • Joss paper (aka paper money),
    • gold paper(金紙)
    • silver paper (銀紙)
    • Traditional Clothing Paper (古衣)
    • Color Cloth (中色紙)
    • Color clothing (衣仔)
    • 溪钱
    • 神魂執照
    • 往生錢
    • varies amount of Hell Bank notes
  • Different kind of food items.

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