Tiger Deity 【2023年-拜虎爷公】

2023 年

阳历: 2023年3月6日凌晨4点29分

06th Mar 2022 04.29hours


Zodiac that need to pray:
Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Rooster




  1. 祈福一年有贵人扶持,小人远离。
  2. 犯了白虎星,祈求虎爷庇佑。






Tiger Deity Prayer

On day where the awaking of hibernation animal, or the solar term of jingzhe(惊蛰), it is believed that the tiger god opens its mouth. In the year 2022, it is on 06th Mar 2022 04.29hours. Most temple in Singapore and Malaysia will hold Tiger Deity prayer ceremony on this day. Usually prayer can be done before or other the actual hour. It’s is believed that when tiger deity opens its mouth, it is at the fiercest moment. Therefore all prayer will stop.

Who and why pray to Tiger Deity?

Anyone can pray, devotees pray for safety and health and to ensure this whole year is smooth sailing and those villains will stay away from the devotee. Thus the devotees will be able to preform at his/her best resulting in better career, finance and health.

It is also good to know, devotees who are pregnant should not pray. Believers belief that due to the fierce energy of the Tiger god may hurt the fetus unintentionally.

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