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拜料月订服务 Subscription Based Delivery

You may order 3 months worth of prayer items# with us. We will deliver your order bi-weekly just before the first and fifteen day of the month, with the package you order. This will help you to save time and storage spaces.

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#Must be the same items for each delivery.

择日 Selecting a good day

Traditionally Chinese believe in selecting a good day and timing based on almanac, to do important things such as, starting a business, marriage, groundbreaking etc. In the olden days, ones will go to kimzua shop to seek advise.

Service typeFeeItems and Information included
Basic /基本$18i) 3 good date and hours for your concern.
ii) which zodiac is not suitable for the above 3 days and hours.
note: date and time provided is Singapore time (GMT+8)
① 3个适合的好日子和时辰

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