Our Story

The Brand

The idea of Huat Cai Kim Zua and Burn until Huat is conceived when the two founders of One Neko Holdings were praying during the Zhong Yuan Jie (Hungry Ghost Festival). Over the years, we noticed that lesser people are praying during major Chinese festivals and the ambiance has diluted in Singapore.

We value progress but we must also preserve our tradition so that our country and our descendant can enjoy the colourful culture and root.

Thus we created the brand Huat Cai Kim Zua to represent  products and services in this segment.

Our Promise

We believe in preserving our Chinese tradition and knowledge. This includes ensuring our customers are able to buy value for money praying items conveniently.


HuatCai KimZua is developed on innovative ideas to bring traditional business onto a future proof platform.

KimZua or commonly known as joss paper is traditionally found in a brick and mortar shop, where the shop assistant has great knowledge.

Now we make use of technology and data to innovate and bring greater convenience for you. We adopt the Just-in-Time (JIT) strategy in Business to Consumer (B2C) orders. This reduces the needs for consumer buying the joss paper in bulk and keep them at home.

The Company

One Neko Holdings is the managing company behind the brand – Huat Cai Kim Zua.