KimZua (Joss Paper) UOM

Many younger customers may get confused by the joss paper Unit of Measurement. You may have heard us saying 一千,一支,一条. So what is 一千?

一千 generally refers to 1 smallest packing for most general purpose joss paper. It does not mean 1000 pieces.

种类 (type)一支 (1Small Bundle)一条 (1 large Bundle)Other UOM
古力6 千 ( 6 packs)3 支 (3 Small Bundle)NA
6 千 ( 6 packs)5 支 (5 Small Bundle)NA
皇庄6 千 ( 6 packs)3 支 (3 Small Bundle)NA
老文成5 千 ( 5 packs)NANA
NANA一包约100 张

The table above is not all exhaustive. Those are just the general type of joss paper commonly used. There are other UOM been used.

We hope with this UOM FAQ, it will help our customers to understand the unit of measurement used to count joss paper we listed in our store.