The seventh monthly packages, you guys have the most useful things in the package for the good brothers and sisters. Good!


Been subscribing to their monthly delivery for more than a year. Claire is always punctual for each delivery. Its so convenient to have the monthly 金纸 delivered to your doorstep saving the hassle of having to buy and carry so READ MORE

Hui Bin

We get the subscription prayer package for our parents. It is convenient for our mum. She do not need to buy joss papers and put at home. Huatcaikimzua staff will delivery it a day before prayer.

Wai Hong

Introduced by a friend, we called and asked for smaller Chengmeng packages. The boss created the small shopping bag package for us. The joss papers are nicely folded.

Ting Ng

Really must give thanks Huat Cai Kim Zua’s information. They help us to prepare the 谢太岁 package and taught us how to pray. Almost forget loh.